One developer’s Journey…

Hi, I am iLoveTux. I have another name which I use when talking to people about normal people things, but on the internet I go by iLoveTux. When I am asked what I do for a living I answer that I am “an IT Consultant specializing in system, network and software architecture as well as system and network integration“. This sounds fancy, but I believe that most people in “The know” will be aware that this means I am a whore. I will take on anything you have (think computers people…get your mind out of the gutter) as long as the price is right.

So far I haven’t had too much trouble finding work which is sort of surprising for reasons which will become more clear as my blog fleshes out.

Anyway, for now I will wish you a happy day and bid you farewell, for it is time for a cigarette.

By the way I am planning on publishing a new post at least once a week, so stay tuned.

Also I will be publishing a post on my “Amazing all-in-one single file python interpreter” if that sounds interesting, check back soon